Innovative Blended Learning Approach

Harness the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Cultivating emotional intelligence is essential to navigating the complexities of today's workplace dynamics. Emotional intelligence lies at the very core of fostering an adaptive, cohesive, and resilient organizational culture. By integrating emotional intelligence into your professional framework with Ed Enuf, you enable teams to communicate more effectively, navigate workplace conflicts with finesse, and drive engagement through empathetic leadership. Our program delves into the science of emotion, teaching individuals to harness their emotional awareness and regulation, thereby influencing interpersonal relations and decision-making in a positive manner. Embrace this transformative skill set to unlock breakthroughs in collaboration, productivity, and innovation within your organization.

Ed Enuf and Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation

Ed Enuf seamlessly integrates the acclaimed Kirkpatrick Model within its innovative learning framework to drive impactful training outcomes. Here's how Ed Enuf aligns with these foundational levels of training evaluation.

  • Reaction: We diligently assess learner’s immediate reactions to ensure courses not only engage but resonate on a personal level, affirming the value of their learning journey.
  • Learning: Through our interactive courses and expert facilitation, learners' acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes is thoroughly evaluated, ensuring they leave empowered to effect change.
  • Behavior: Our ultimate goal is transformation through application; hence, we provide extensive support tools to help learners implement what they've acquired, observing shifts in behavior within their organizational context.
  • Results: Ed Enuf is committed to empowering our partners to see results. Our platform intentional provides resources to implement the behaviors into performance reviews, goals setting, and more.

Our aim is to provide levels 1-3, while our partners take the initiative to implement level 4, which focuses on achieving desirable objectives and improving overall performance to align with organizational goals.

Cultural Humility Framework on Ed Enuf

Ed Enuf's platform integrates Cultural Humility, going beyond traditional diversity efforts. It fosters a learning environment where cultural humility is experienced through immersive content and practical tools. By aligning this framework with dynamic resources, learners gain invaluable perspective and skills for culturally complex business landscapes. Connect with Ed Enuf to harness the power of cultural humility and transform your organization into an inclusive, innovative, and cohesive workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What we've learned by working with trusted partners like you.

Is the content engaging?

All our courses are designed to be enjoyable, captivating, and foster connections. A partner recently expressed their admiration, stating, "I'm thoroughly impressed with the videos. They truly engage me, and I often find myself surprised that what felt like three minutes has actually been nine."

Will my team have access to all of the content?

Absolutely! Every learner will have the incredible opportunity to access a vast collection of more than 200 enlightening videos and 150 comprehensive lesson guides.

Can you track learners' progress?

Indeed! The Team Lead dashboard empowers leaders to effortlessly generate assignments and effectively track the progress of individuals and groups in their organization, fostering development and growth.

How long does onboarding take?

We will proceed at a pace that suits your needs. The duration for organizations to complete the onboarding to-do list and prepare for their initial team-wide course assignment can vary from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on your capacity and readiness.Our partners have given us a perfect score of 5 out of 5 for our onboarding process. They found it engaging, helpful, and it set them up for successful implementation in their organization.If we already have our own platform, but still want to host the content exclusively on our platform, what should we do?Indeed, we collaborate with partners who license our content and resources for use on their platform. As previously mentioned, our purpose is to empower you in your learning journey towards alignment. Therefore, we actively work alongside you to achieve this goal.

Will our organization have access to all the content if we subscribe to the Ed-Enuf platform?

Absolutely! Every learner will have full access to Ed-Enuf's expanding library of over 200 videos and more than 150 lesson guides.

Does the membership come in different levels or tiers?

We strive to provide unwavering support to our partners throughout their organization's learning journeys. To that end, all of our Team Leads have complimentary access to their dedicated customer success managers and consultants, ensuring seamless assistance without any additional costs.

Is there an additional onboarding fee?

Nope! We facilitate onboarding and continuous support throughout your organization's subscription at no additional cost.

What should I do if my organization is not prepared for the transformation and alignment of its culture?

We meet you right where you are. Let's connect! We have partnered with organizations that are eager to embark on their journey and start using the platform with a small team within their organization. This could include key leaders, the senior leadership team, or the human resources department.

Do you offer free trials?

We prioritize an organizational learning journey that allows individuals to learn at their own pace. We firmly believe that sustainable learning requires time, engagement, and commitment, which cannot be fully experienced in a mere 10-day trial period. While we do not offer a trial period for our platform, you can explore our demo materials here (link to demo material).

Will we be charged extra for adding new learners to the platform?

We provide subscription plans in different tiers based on the size of your organization. You can add individual users without any additional cost within the limits of your subscription tier.

What do payments look like?

Organizations have the flexibility to choose from annual, quarterly, or monthly payment plans for access to the Ed-Enuf platform. Alongside this, they also receive continuous support from their dedicated customer success manager and consultant.

Is it possible to cancel our organization's membership if we are not satisfied?

Certainly! If you determine that our partnership no longer provides value to your team, you may reach out to your customer success manager to initiate the cancellation of your organization's membership.

Customer Testimonials

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“Onboarding was great. My customer success manager did a great job not only sharing the practical operations of the platform, but also walked us through best practices.”
Operations Manager
“It’s exactly what we needed and tangible for what we want to do”
Diversity Task Force Chair
“The platform is very, very intuitive! The length of videos are great, the pacing is engaging, and the content provides direct and actionable application.”
Chief of Staff
“Onboarding was great. My customer success manager did a great job not only sharing the practical operations of the platform, but also walked us through best practices.”
Operations Manager
“We have been very happy with the content. We watch the courses together in our regular meetings and use the questions from the lesson guide to unpack it together.”
Chief Medical Officer
“I’m really impressed with the videos, I feel like they are very engaging. I find myself surprised that 9 minutes have gone by when it really felt like three.”
Director of Operations
“The content inspires learning that doesn't stop at watching a video, but it prompts reflection on what I have learned and action steps I can take from here.”
Director of Membership
“It’s exactly what we needed and tangible for what we want to do”
Diversity Task Force Chair