Intersection of Systems & Behaviors

There is a pressing need for educators to delve deeper into the intricacies of educational systems and behaviors. The systemic structures within the educational framework exert a profound influence on student growth, often acting as significant barriers to academic advancement. By examining these structures more closely and understanding their complexities, educators can better address the challenges students face and create more effective learning environments. Get unlimited access to our video lessons, lesson files, and discussion questions!

Our lessons on the Intersection of Systems & Behaviors delve into this issue using Bronfenbrenner’s theory, advocating an anti-deficit viewpoint to empower educators. It focuses on students' strengths, challenges deficit-focused narratives, and promotes inclusivity. Participants gain insights to advocate effectively for students' needs in inclusive learning environments. 

What Will I Learn? Topics in our Intersection of Systems & Behaviors category include:

  • Systems & behaviors
  • Behavior beliefs
  • Rational and irrational beliefs
  • Breaking down barriers to student access
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Systems, Behaviors, Beliefs

Intersection of Systems & Behaviors
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