ED Enuf for

Higher Education

Educators play a crucial role in shaping the future of America. Institutions are tasking faculty with integrating DEI competencies into their curriculum; however, many lack the necessary training. Concepts like trauma-informed pedagogy, culturally relevant education, and cultural literacy are frequently absent from faculty and staff training programs.

Ed-Enuf provides the resources to equip faculty, staff, and administrators from all different backgrounds.

To accomplish that, we:

  1. Identify your department’s gaps and needs
  2. Create custom learning path recommendations based on data and feedback from your institution
  3. Guide you through monitoring progress with a self-paced eLearning Platform

Avoid attrition of students because faculty don’t understand how to interact with students from different backgrounds. Uphold your Institutions promise to effectively serve learners of all different backgrounds and experiences.



Managing Surface Behaviors


Intersection of Systems & Behaviors


Creating Psychological Safety


Retaining Diverse Teams


Dismantling Bias at Work