ED Enuf for

K12 School

Educators play a crucial role in shaping the future of America, but schools are struggling to retain teachers, support provisionally licensed teachers, and meet the diverse needs of learners in their buildings. Ed-Enuf provides resources to institutions in psychological safety, behavioral management, trauma-informed pedagogy, and more.

To accomplish that, we:

  1. Listen to the needs and desired outcomes of your Educators
  2. Create custom learning path recommendations
  3. Guide you through monitoring progress

Avoid replicating systems of oppression that marginalize and limit student potential and due to a lack of cultural literacy. Uphold your schools promise to foster an environment where differences are acknowledged, discussed, and celebrated beyond assigned cultural celebration months.



Managing Surface Behaviors


Intersection of Systems & Behaviors


Creating Psychological Safety


Retaining Diverse Teams


Dismantling Bias at Work